A promising first novel.

Margaret Robson Kent

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Louise Pike


18/02/2004 8:46 am - Megan (9)
I like your book. It is good. I think it is the best novel ever! You are very good at writing. I like the bit where Sophie spews up from eating the candy! From Megan
18/02/2004 5:00 am - Class 4B
Dear Louise, Our teacher has just read us your first book. We really enjoyed it. Our favourite part was when Wenzel had babies. We are designing our own covers for your novel and have also written our own blurbs. A few of us have started the second book. Please write back to us if you can. We all think your book is 10/10. Class 4B Port Lincoln Primary School (Mrs Patti Cibich)
07/11/2003 5:32 am - Kara (11)
Your books are very good and so is your daughter Joanna (my friend). from Karz
06/09/2003 8:30 am - Judith (47)
Thoroughly enjoyed the two books, I can relate to Fake Grandma - she sleeps a lot!
05/09/2003 7:00 am - Joanna (11)
Your books are really cool. I cant wait to see what you have got next!
27/08/2003 2:14 am - Graham (48)
Now i know where joanna gets all her talent from!
20/08/2003 8:54 am - Eva (37)
I really liked reading your book, especially because I really like rats. Rats get bad press so it was nice to read a good rat book. Fake Grandma is fantastic.
18/08/2003 11:25 am - Bonnie (13)
Great - funny - dramatic - out there and different! I really enjoyed reading about Harriet and her family.
18/08/2003 11:24 am - Annette (37)
At last - a book with meaningful insights to the complex issues of relationships! Have you thought of starting a Dear Harriet column? Love it.
18/08/2003 8:29 am - Tanya (33)
I wish I was 12 so I could take your books to school to show them off to all my friends, and then start up a Louise Pike fan club!

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