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Please leave a message in my guestbook. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Tell me what you think about my site, my books or anything else really.
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27/06/2004 1:09 am - Alana (11)
Please cheek your guest book i realy need more info on you right away! p.s do you have any other websites! from Alana
Hello Alana and Sophie I have received your requests for more information about me. My website manager is going to put some more stuff on the site later this afternoon, so make sure you check back then. Bye for now!
27/06/2004 1:01 am - Sophie (10)
Could you please put more information in your website! frome sophie!
27/06/2004 12:41 am - Alana (11)
Hi louise, My year 6 class had to choose a book to read and our group chose your book. I have only read one of your books though it was great. Now we have to writ about the author and that is you. You have a great website but i need more info about you! i absolutly LOVE Harriet Huxtable and the Purpose of the Rats! cya, love Alana
19/06/2004 6:51 am - Kara (11)
I loved both your books, they were really funny. I couldnt stop laughing. i think you put alot of thought into your books and it definetly pays off. i think you should keep writing more Harriet Huxtable book because i am sure that everyone will want to read them. well i definetly will, thats for sure. Reading those books just makes my day get better and better. Ciao 4 now ... Luv Kara xx
18/05/2004 3:03 pm - Heather (19)
My name is Heather and i am studying at Flinders Uni. I hope to conduct interiews, if you are intersted in participating it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Heather
Hello Heather I would be pleased to take part in your interview. Please send your email address to me via the FAQ / Ask a Question page and I will respond. Thanks. Louise
18/05/2004 3:02 pm - Annie (11)
I just finished reading Harreit Huxtable and the trouble with teachers. It was so fun. In fact, it was the funniest book I have ever read in my life! (I wasnt in a good mood all day and now I am!I laughed heaps!) I think I am mostly like Harriet because I always try to come up with a really good reason when I am in trouble but I am just hopeless and cant use my brain! i hope you write another series of Harriet Huxtable-it is sooooooooooooo fun to read and it took me a long time to finish. I got into trouble by not doing my homework! Oopsy-daisy! Oh-no! My mums coming up the stairs to see what I am doing. Bye 4 now~ Love, Annie
25/03/2004 8:16 am - William (4)
Can you tell me where my Nanny can find your book "Harriet Huxtable and the Purpose of Rats" to buy for me please as our name is Wenzel too?
Hello William, Most big bookshops like Angus & Robertson, Borders and Collins Booksellers have it, and so do many smaller bookshops. Any good store will order it in for you - just ask.
18/02/2004 11:29 am - Jessica (9)
I reckon Harriet Huxtable and the Purpose of Rats is the best book I have ever heard and read. At home I have two rats. Their names are Squeek and Mousie. One is black and one is white with bown spots. LOVE JESSICA
18/02/2004 9:34 am - Madeline (9)
Dear Louise, our teacher Mrs.Cibich,has just finished reading us Harriet Huxtable and the purpose of rats we all think it was AWSOME!! I thought it was so good I borrowed it myself. please if you get time I hope you can write, number 3 of Harriet Huxtable . from your biggest fan madeline! . ps love your books!.
18/02/2004 8:53 am - Samuel (9)
Our teacher, Mrs Cibich, has just finished reading Harriet Huxtable and the purpose of rats to our class and I thought it was awesome. I cannot wait to get a copy of Harriet Huxtable and the trouble with teachers and I hope you find time to write more fantastic books. From Samuel.

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