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04/08/2004 1:53 am - Tara (12)
Your books seriously rock and i think u shood rite more bookz
01/08/2004 7:31 am - Alana (11)
Hi my friend Katherine wrote you a letter about our teacher (Ms Pollard) giving us your first book to read. I would like to say it was great everyone enjoyed it. I love your website!!!!!! love your books (keep writting) love Alana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27/07/2004 6:45 am - Dasunika (12)
I love your Book it is the best. my best part is the realy end part where Mr Penny and Jenny Kissed.
14/07/2004 8:43 am - Sophie (10)
I also forgot to write that I am writing a speech on you for a competion (i live in cairns but my mum was born and raised in Adelaide)
14/07/2004 8:41 am - Sophie (10)
I forgot to write that I have a best friend called Harriet but I am not in a wheelchair
14/07/2004 8:27 am - Sophie (10)
I really love your books Their great I read HH and the trouble with teachers over and over again and then I found out that their was a first one. Its great
05/07/2004 8:04 am - Katherine (11)
I really enjoyed both of your books. I hope you are going to write another Harriet Huxtable book very soon, because they are really good. When I was given Harriet Huxtable and the purpose of rats to read by my teacher (Miss Pollard) I just could not put it down because it was so funny and thats why I bought your second book as soon as I finished the first book. It was really funny too. From Katherine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30/06/2004 8:44 am - Daisie (12)
hi im trying to read one of ur books now for work and its getting even more and more interesting as i go on i hope i get to read harriet huxtable and trouble with teachers! bye DaIsIe
27/06/2004 9:29 am - Alana (11)
Thank you for answering me i really appreciate it! i will go back on your website this arvo for more info! Thanks alot!!!!!! love Alana
27/06/2004 1:25 am - Alana (11)
hi again thanks for the info please say thanks to your website mananger. keep up the great writting! love Alana

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