Harriet’s antics will make
readers laugh with sheer delight

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Louise Pike


17/08/2005 10:00 pm - Matt (39)
I laughed out loud a number of times while reading the Trouble with Teachers. And I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself when Harriet said she had to read The Yuckiness of Cats when she and Sophie were in detention with Mr Rugless! It made me think of my sisters! I cannot wait to read The Purpose of Rats! When is your next book coming out?
14/08/2005 5:29 am - Ellen (9)
I really enjoyed reading Harriet Huxtable and the purpose of rats and a really want to read the second one.
22/06/2005 10:49 am - Leechelle (12)
I really enjoyed reading Harriet Huxtable and the purpose of rats and a really want to read the second one.
08/05/2005 9:14 am - Alana (11)
Hi im not sure if you remember me but i wrote to you last year and you gave loads of info for my project in class. I decided to come on this website because i put it in my favourites list then i remembered how you helped me and i saw the dedication to me in your F.A.Q.S. page. Well thanks i just wanted to see if you remembered me? well i hope you do. Bye for now, luv Alana!!!
25/04/2005 7:42 am - Brigitte (11)
Dear Louise, I think both of your books were funny,exciting and wounderful.I loved them so much.They were excerlent. You should wright some more books that relate to Harriet Huxtable.My favourite character is Monty and well I like them all.I hope you had fun writing them. From Brigitte
29/03/2005 12:11 am - Patti
Louise, I am currently reading your two Harriet Huxtable books to my Year 3/4 students. They absolutely love the characters and their adventures. Do you have any plans for a third Harriet book?..
I am so pleased that your students are enjoying my books. I have had some lovely comments from them on my website. Yes, I would love to write another Harriet book. I will need to finish the book I am currently working on (non-Harriet), and it will also depend on the wishes of my publisher. Kind regards, Louise
28/03/2005 1:08 am - Eden (8)
Dear Louise pike I really really like your books my teacher mrs cibich has read us Harriet Huxtable and the purpose of rats she is up to the middle of Harriet Huxtable and the trouble with teachers I am really really enjoying your books .at school we sent you a message it is mrs cibichs class my favaurite characters would be Harriet and Sophie because they get in to alot of mischief just like me by from Eden
26/02/2005 12:35 pm - freddy (48)
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19/11/2004 7:40 am - Cheryll (33)
I sat next to you at the Max lunch today. I just wanted to thank you for keeping me company. Hope I did not rave too much. Heres hoping you enjoy the rest of the festival. It was fantastic to meet you.... Cheers Cee
Thanks Cheryll. It was great to meet you too, and it was a very enjoyable afternoon. Max is so lovely. Hope to see you again soon. Louise
11/08/2004 8:45 am - Alana (11)
I have read both your books now and i enjoyed both of them the same though i love Harriet Huxtable and the purpose of rats! in my class in the Harriet Huxtable and the purpose of rats box the sticker to say the name of the book has a typo and sez Harriet Huxtable and the purpose of cats! its funny!!!! anyway i love both your books there really enjoyable and funny cya, Alana!!!

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