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Louise Pike


26/11/2008 5:17 am - Kel (8)
I love HH Trouble with Teachers!! My mum can't find anywhere that still sells Purpose of Rats - I'm desperate to read it - can anyone help and tell me where I can buy it?????
03/09/2008 5:27 am - joe (25)
I love louise pike! love your books!
03/09/2008 5:25 am - claire (8)
hello i love harriet huxtable because my favourite animal is a rat!
19/05/2008 5:33 am - Shavstah
Hey, why did you delete my other comment. It was cool and it was a compliment. I thought you would like it. And that is how I feel because I do love Harriet and Louise and they do ROCK. Man this just is the coolest website as well one of the best but I thought that you would keep my other comment. By the way I love your nickname Superdee or whatever.
04/05/2008 6:03 am - leah (9)
I love reading your book harriet huxtable and the purpose of rats.I am one of the kids that aRE FROM KITHCOT FARM p school. Called Georgia Marshall . If you are thinking that i have met you i havent met you i sendind you a letter and got a bookmark. and my class got one as well and we got your letter
we like your book
30/04/2008 4:50 am - Alice (12)
30/04/2008 3:52 am - Shavstah
OMG!!!! I love your book, SO MUCH!!!! I had once bought it from a school book club and read it about 1000 times but I have lost it!!! Just reading that first chapter of Harriet Huxtable and the trouble with teachers got my heart racing so much, I was nearly having a heart attack! love the way you write, and PLEASE will you write more!!!!
11/03/2008 5:26 am - Super Edee (11)
Hi I've read your 2 books like one hundred times and I think you should write another one. All (well most of)my friends have read them or are reading them and we all really enjoy them. From SUPER EDEE(Please read in SUPERMAN language) happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy
20/02/2008 8:48 am - ciara
i am doing an assingment at school about my heroes in fiction and i want to choose harriet huxtable. could you help me with any ideas of how harriet is heroic?
30/11/2007 11:19 pm - Katrina Germein (33)
Hi Louise,
I just finished reading 'The Trouble With Teachers' and thought it was fabulous. What a lovely, warm, entertaining story. I really enjoyed the frienship between the two girls.

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